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Upcoming movies for 2024

As the credits roll on another year, we celebrate cinema and all it has produced in 2023. From Barbieheimer to Wonka, we movie connoisseurs have relished in all the big screens have to offer. Now, with 2024 only a week away, we can get ready for the tons of sequels, threequels, and prequels hitting theatres soon. So, grab your popcorn…

Mean Girls (12/01/2024)

Since its original release back in 2004, this movie has given us some of the most iconic and well-known phrases, as well as a musical production back in 2018. Therefore, the thought of the Plastics and Aaron Samuel’s returning to our screens 20 years on sounds like a ‘fetch’ start to 2024. Although not an exact remake of the 2004 chic – flick, it focuses more on Tina Fey’s musical adaptation, featuring some of the hit songs. Mean Girls 2024, still follows the story line of Cady (Angourie Rice) who is scouted by the ‘meanest’ clique at North Shore High School, ‘The Plastics’, where she attempts to sabotage queen bee Regina George, played by American singer, Reneè Rapp. So, before buying your tickets, make sure you are wearing pink, or you can’t sit with us!

Bob Marley: One Love (14/02/2024)

Kingsley Benadir stars as the talented reggae artist in this emotional biopic of Marley’s life and career as one of the most iconic artists. Director, Reinaldo Marcus Green highlights how Bob Marley and his music was celebrated by all, as he managed to spread the message of love and togetherness. Bob’s powerful story will be an emotional one, but certainly one you will love.

Back to Black (10/05/2024)

Looking at the late artists troubled life, Marisa Abela stars as the wonderfully talented Amy Winehouse in Sam Taylor – Johnson’s biopic. After her death at just 27 shocked the nation, Winehouse’s music has been immortalised. Therefore, a movie focusing solely on the artist and her lifestyle seems like the perfect idea. Not only featuring an all-star cast (Jack O’Connell & Lesley Manville) it also features all the greatest hits Winehouse produced in her short but iconic career. 

IF (17/05/2024) 

Written and directed by The Office US star, John Krasinski, this family fun comedy explores imaginary friends and ‘if’ they really are just imaginary. After Bea (Cailey Fleming) begins seeing her peers’ imaginary friends that have been left behind as they have grown up, she tries her upmost best to reconnect them with their rightful owners, with many challenges along the way. With voices from Steve Carrell and Phoebe Waller – Bridge it is sure to have the whole family laughing.

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