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“War could be at your door tomorrow”

"Russia has started a full-scale war against Ukraine. Now, more than ever, we need the help of the international community and anyone who understands that war could be at your door tomorrow. We have been talking about the war in Eastern Ukraine in our films for 8 years. You've seen them at festivals. But this is not a film, it is our reality".

Ukrainian authors write in a collective document relaunched in the cinema media like Deadline. For example Oleg Sentsov, the director and activist imprisoned in Russia. It was defended by Amnesty International and on which the international cinema community had mobilised to release after a strategic trial. “Putin does not stop with Ukraine. This is a challenge for the entire democratic world. We are not just defending our land. We are resisting impending tyranny. The time of worry is over. It is time to fight for freedom and truth”.

O Valentyn Vasyanovych, the director of Reflection which focuses precisely on Russian torture says: "I am going to stay in Kiev. I want to be among people aware of their ethnic, cultural and political affiliation. I want to be among these people to gain important experiences. This will help me to create true stories about them. I want to be part of a force that will lead to the destruction of the evil empire".


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