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What really happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock at The Academy Awards!

The Academy Awards are sometimes described as boring and way too long. But sometimes things happen that make for quite sensational television, this was one of those happenings and involved Will Smith and Chris Rock.

Approximately two hours into the 94th Academy Awards Chris Rock came to the stage to present the nomination for the category best documentary. It was around here when Chris started telling a few jokes about the actors at the stage but also joked about Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkettt Smith. When Chris saw Jada he threw a joke regarding her lack of hair (Jada suffers from alopecia that causes hair loss and has chosen to shave her hair off), “- We are waiting for G.I Jane 2”. Will laughed at first but when Jada did not appreciative the joke he then snapped, took matter into his own hands, went to the stage and punched Chris, went back to his seat and said “Keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth!”.

A link to the clip will be down below.


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