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What’s the future of “Flash”?

"Flash" may be canceled - Warner Bros. Discovery is still considering what to do with the highly-anticipated superhero blockbuster as the leading star Ezra Miller keeps getting involved in criminal activities.

There might be three strategies. In the first case, the actor will seek help from experts, give an interview in which he will explain his unstable behavior, and the film comes out as planned.

In another situation, "Flash" will also be released, but Miller won’t take a part in the promotional campaign of the film and will not appear in the DC Cinematic Universe in that role anymore.

Finally, the third (an unlikely possibility so far) is that things are getting worse and worse for the actor, and WBD is shelving the $200 million film they’ve already made.

On Monday Miller finally broke their silence and apologized for their actions. So there is hope for fans.


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