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Adam Driver delights us once again with another true-based film portraying Enzo Ferrari in Ferrari, directed by Micheal Mann. This is not the first time Adam Driver plays a real character, for instance, he played in House of Gucci as Maurizio Gucci together with Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani, an outsider for the elite Gucci family.

The Ferrari film is set during 1957, where an ex-formula 1 racer, Adam Driver, finds himself between his son’s sudden passing and the verge of bankruptcy where he decided to bet everything on one single race: “Mille Miglia”. “Mille Miglia” was a racing league established in 1927, which stars Mercedes, Alpha Romeo and Porsche. Enzo Ferrari describes it as “the most beautiful race in the world”. Something that you might not be aware of is that the Adam Driver was actually not allowed to drive the Ferrari himself during the movie: "They were the scariest things on set, but they wouldn't let me drive the cars for insurance reasons” Adam told the reporters. However, Dempsey did drive a copy of these powerful cars on set, he confessed "It was quite terrifying. Driving a modern car you have a roll cage, but there was no cage with these cars.” which left the driver pretty much exposed.

The protagonist will also be accompanied by a series of other famous actors you might have already heard of before: Penelope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Sarah Gadon, Gabriel Leone, Jack O’Connell and of course the beloved Patrick Dempsey, from Greys Anatomy. Although the movie has not been released yet, the movie reviews are already coming out and we can soon see the Motor Short’s verdict shortly and the Daily Telegraph has awarded it four out of five stars, describing it “as electrifyingly, wind-whippingly real as anything in the genre’s history”. Rolling stones has also decided to comment on the movie premiere by saying that “With sports car after sports car revving across fields, around mountains, and down city streets lined with onlookers, you’ll wonder how they pulled it off”

The trailer has already been released for the movie and sets the right tone for a mysterious and dramatic action movie, given there is close to none dialogue in it. Upon this teaser, the film received a seven minute ovation in the Venice Film Festival in August, which made the movie extremely promising to viewers.

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