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Why did Disney plus change its iconic logo?

With its latest update, Disney+ revealed its new logo to us, marking a significant change with the iconic blue being replaced by a teal.

The new turquoise logo recalls the colours of the Hulu platform, which will soon be added to the Disney+ services in the United States.

This very bold change of look aroused several mixed reactions from fans: there were those who appreciated the novelty and the original choice of colour even compared to other streaming services, while others who were more nostalgic were a little disappointed because they preferred the iconic design that is now recognizable by all, defining this as a useless simplification.

Some, however, seem convinced that the colour has not changed, but we have always been inattentive and not noticed it before.

Like it or not, this restyling has been nicknamed "Aurora" and it is not a name chosen by chance: firstly it recalls the atmospheric phenomenon with spectacular plays of light otherwise known as ‘The Northern Lights’ and secondly it refers to the protagonist of the famous Disney fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty".

This new graphic will be accompanied by a renewed musical base by the prodigy Ludwig Göransson, an Oscar-winning composer who worked on films such as Black Panther, Tenet and Oppenheimer.

Will Aurora be able to shine as bright and be loved as much as the lights that inspire it?

Maybe it's only a matter of time before this change is welcomed by everyone.

Written by Olga Raimondo


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