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Will ‘Eternals’ have its sequel?

When there are only a few hours left to the arrival of the new Marvel’s film ‘Eternals’ on the big screen, the first rumours about a sequel are starting to spread. Particularly, the fandom is supposing if there are going to be other films about some of the new characters we will get to know soon.

As Marvel fans know well enough, it usually never happens that a newly introduced movie by Marvel Studios is left behind, giving up the chance to turn it on some TV series or anything else, but it is possible that in this case, questions are more pressing because of the first not very enthusiastic opinions coming from the critics.

On the matter, Nate Moore, one of the producers, has been asked about the chance of a sequel and he replied by saying that it is not mandatory, that they have some ideas of where the story could go but there is no project on the table, at least at the moment.

However, in the meantime, we can only wait and enjoy this new story made in Marvel… after all, who knows what the future could bring?


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