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Will Lucasfilm be living on all old franchises like Star Wars giving up on new ones?

According to what has been reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm abandoned any strategy regarding original productions and we’ll be only managing its historical franchises like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Willow which we know will be hitting the screens soon with a new TV series.

Founded over 50 years ago by George Lucas, the company would apparently be abandoning any project that is not involved in the above mentioned franchises. Shattering any remaining hope, is the news about the cancellation of Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. Originally, the rights had been bought by Fox but, when it went under Disney's wings, it passed on to Lucasfilm. Now, it seems like Paramount will be the one eventually winning the rights.

Even though it may come as a shock, it was quite predictable for such a thing to happen given the huge amount of Star Wars based productions in the last years which have taken into the majority of the company’s occupation. In the light of all this, one thing is sure: even though Lucasfilm will not be seeking for new projects, they still have lots of work to do dealing with all their previous universes!


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