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Will Smith and Michael Jordan Will Soon Appear Together In The Sequel “I Am Legend 2”

Michael B. Jordan is ready for a new experience with Will Smith in the “I Am Legend 2” movie.

Image Credits: Yahoo Sports

"I Am Legend 2" is a sequel to Smith’s 2007 movie. In an interview Jordan did with “PEOPLE” magazine, he admitted that the project is ongoing: the location, the release date, and the script is still unsure. Yet, what makes him confident as well as excited is the collaboration with the Oscar winner, Will Smith. Jordan affirmed: “Being somebody that I've looked up to for a really long time, to be able to work with Will is something I'm really looking forward to.”

The sequel was initially announced in March 2022. Partially, the trama reflects the first and original film, where Smith, Dr. Robert Neville in the movie, is a scientist and also one of the last survivors when a disease that turns humans into zombie-like creatures started spreading out. 

While the film version ends up with the main character Neville dying, the DVD version has a happy ending, where Smith’s character survives and will also serve as a beginning for the “I Am Legend 2” sequel.


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