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Will there be a “Spirited 2” movie?

We know it might be hard to hear but fans are very disappointed by the news that producers have not yet decided on the new date for the Spirited 2 movie starring Ryan Reynolds, Octavia Spencer, Patrick Page, Will Ferrell and Sunita Mani. The music fantasy movie is currently available on streaming on Apple TV and was released November last year 2022. The movie was gladly appreciated by fans when it came out given the great Christmas festive mood and spirit.

Apple TV+
(Apple TV+)

For those of you who haven't heard of the movie, it's yet another poetic retake on the Christimas Carol movie by Charles Dickens, a great classic throughout every generation. Viewers were quite intrigued by the end scene of the first movie as it calls for speculation for a sequel. The movie showed the same thing that happened to the protagonist, to the janitor who sees the same ghost Reynolds initially saw at the beginning of the movie. However this time, Ryan Ryan Reynolds is the ghost and also the start of the possible sequel. Are we intrigued now? If you missed this last scene, you can find it after the classic credits at the end of the movie and made fans quite curious as for the take the new sequel would take, given the movie is an all time classic.

As previously mentioned there are no specific plans nor dates for a sequel however director Sean Anders has confessed “never say never, you never know what ideas might come up”.


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