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Will 'UFO Sweden' open the door for more Sci-fi from Sweden?

UFO Sweden takes place in Norrkoping, Sweden in 1996 and will be released later in 2022. The directors of the movie, produced by Crazy Pictures,, got the idea for it when their last one (The Unthinkable) premiered after hearing about an organisation called UFO-Sverige (Sweden).

UFO Sweden revolves around a teenage rebel that lives in a foster home. When she suspects that her father is not dead but has instead been kidnapped by UFOs she gets in contact with a UFO-association to be able to find out the truth of what has really happened.

Science-Fiction has not been explored that much within Swedish movie history. Alone in Space, Metropia, Rebirth, Sweetwater and Terror in the Midnight Sun are some of them. It began in the 1950´s with Terror in the Midnight Sun but was not explored too much until the 1980´s with Sweetwater and Never travel on a one way ticket. It is during the 2000´s and 2010´s that sci-fi has been revived in Sweden with LFO, Rebirth and The Price of Knowledge. With UFO Sweden the genre might open up more doors for Sci-fi to be properly explored.

UFO Sweden premieres 25th of December 2022.


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