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Bridgerton actress calls out Netflix for disregard of mental health!

Actress Ruby Barker, renowned for her role in the popular Netflix series Bridgerton, recently voiced her disappointment in Netflix and Shondaland for their lack of support during her difficult times, which included experiencing "two psychotic breaks."

Barker, who portrayed the scandal-ridden Marina Thompson, shed light on her mental health struggles during the LOAF Podcast. She shared her distressing experience of the psychotic breaks that included hospitalization. Expressing her dismay, she revealed that not a single individual from either organization had reached out to her during her time of need.

While delving into the repercussions of embodying the ostracized character Marina Thompson, Barker highlighted the toll it took on her well-being. The process of immersing

herself in the character's mindset, who faced societal condemnation due to a pregnancy scandal, left a profound impact on her. "It was a really tormenting place for me to be," she disclosed, acknowledging her sense of self-deterioration throughout the filming process.

As Bridgerton skyrocketed to fame, Ruby Barker's life underwent a drastic transformation, necessitating her to maintain a facade of cheerfulness and enthusiasm to promote the show. However, she emphasized the absence of any support from either party throughout this challenging period, stating, "There was still no support, and there still hasn't been any support all that time."

Following her hospitalization due to mental health concerns, Barker revealed that nobody took the initiative to inquire about her well-being or offer any form of aftercare or assistance. According to Barker, she was compelled to remain silent about her mental health struggles to avoid tarnishing the show's reputation before its release.

Reflecting on the emotional strain of masking her distress, she expressed, "It’s almost like I had this kind of metaphorical invisible gun to my head to sell this show." Although Barker has made progress since then, she underscored that mental health remains a continuous journey, acknowledging her ongoing feelings of grief and sadness. Despite these challenges, she remains dedicated to her acting career, with her appearance in the upcoming Horror Thriller "Baghead" slated for release in 2024.

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