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Christopher Nolan: I’m Not Directing the Next James Bond

The British-American filmmaker denied speculation that he might switch to the 007 franchise following the huge success of his summer period drama Oppenheimer – breaking records as the highest-grossing World War II-related film and highest-grossing biopic, having raked in $950 million globally since July. 

“No, sadly no — no truth to those rumors,” Nolan told The Associated Press. 

Referring to several entertainment sites which reported in October that the director was in talks to direct “two or three” films for the franchise and was on board “in principle” to make movies that recast Bond in the original period setting of Ian Fleming’s novels from the 1950s.

As proof of the fact that Nolan himself has long suggested he’d be down, let's look at Tenet or Inception – both have a clearly Bond-ian vibe.  In fact, quoting the director's own words :  

“The influence of those movies in my filmography is embarrassingly apparent,” Nolan told the Happy Sad Confused podcast in July.  Adding: “There’s no attempt to shy away from that”. 

Nolan has kept in contact since 2017 with Bond producers – Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. Leaving us with hope saying that “Maybe one day that would work out”. In the meantime, we have no other choice then to keep watching his steps and start guessing who might be the next Bond-director, while Bond producers have likewise been quiet while they search for a new star to replace Daniel Craig, who completed his run as Bond in 2021’s No Time to Die. 

/Alice Sagripanti 

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