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From Tweets to Screens: A New Thriller 'Fool Me Once' and The Social Media Buzz Surrounding It

Hitting Netflix on New Year’s Day, many viewers started 2024 hooked to the television and sunken into the sofa, resulting in its rise to the number one spot on the streaming service. 

Fool me once poster

(The official poster by Netflix)

Taken from mystery–thriller writer, Harlen Coben’s 2016 novel ‘Fool Me Once’ this movie adaptation follows a family attempting to resume a normal lifestyle after being the victims of a violent attack. The first scene begins with Maya (Michelle Keegan) in a state of panic after seeing her deceased husband breaking into their family home, through ‘nannycam’ footage, enticing viewers to watch on to see who killed her husband (Richard Armitage).

The intriguing plot twists and dramatic dialogues are what captured many viewers' attention, with many taking to social media to discuss the thriller. One stated on X (Twitter): ‘Absolutely loving FOOL ME ONCE on Netflix… Great cast and Michelle Keegan absolutely brilliant.’

fool me once episode

(Vishal Sharma/Netflix)

Not only does Keegan wow as this grieving mother, but Joanna Lumley’s role as the overbearing mother-in-law also stunned viewers with her gripping performance. 

Writer, Harlan Coben began his ‘Televisual Universe’ scene back in 2018 after striking a deal with Netflix to adapt several of his novels into series, one of which being The Stranger, which has potential for a second season. 

Fool Me Once viewers are hopeful Coben carries on with his Netflix scene and creates even more suspense for a sequel to this gripping thriller series. 

/Niamh McLaughlin


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