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‘Hunting Bigfoot’, the obsession of wanting more but at what cost!

Hunting Bigfoot takes us to Washington and later the northwest of the US where sightings of bigfoot might have been spotted. The possibility of seeing this creature might not be too big but the commitment to continue the pursuit creates something more, but at what cost.

This documentary by Taylor Guterson revolves around both the legendary but also this mythical creature called Bigfoot. Sightings of Bigfoot might have started in the US as early as the 19th century. During this documentary we get to meet Taylor and also other people who believe they have spotted Bigfoot on multiple occasions but is this really the case? Did he really see it? The commitment of catching evidence of Bigfoot creates a desire of wanting more, hence this documentary. The pursuit might also come with a cost where the desire of proof might also take over everyday life.

Hunting Bigfoot will be released 15th of February on demand platforms.


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