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I am Zlatan, a true underdog story!

In the movie I am Zlatan we get to learn the story about Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic. We get to know him both in his younger years (then played by Dominic Andersson Bajraktati) when growing up with his family in Rosengard (Malmo) but also in his teenage years when playing for Malmo’s youth team (then played by Granit Rushiti).

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, often considered the greatest or at least one of the greatest football players in Swedish history. Here we get to follow Ibrahimovic, son of Balkan immigrants as a young boy growing up in Rosengard (Malmo) where life is not easy but where the love of football is central. After struggles for his mother Jurka (played by Merima Disdarevic) Zlatan and his older sister Sanela (played by Selma Mesanovic at a young age and Linda Haziri when older) moves to their father Sefik (played by Cedomir Glisovic).

Zlatan is often considered a very selfish player at a young age but this also takes him from the youth team of Malmo up to the A-team and then to Ajax and later Juventus where we also get to know Zlatan’s footballing agent Mino Raiola (played by Emmanuele Aita). A very close and personal journey and a true underdog story, personal struggles in school and at home but where we learn that you can achieve almost anything with commitment, hard work and not just going your own way. If you are interested in football, Zlatan or just football or sport in general this is highly recommended.

I am Zlatan premieres 18th of March in theatres. Link to a trailer will follow below.


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