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Justin Bartha to reprise fan-favourite role in Disney+ original series ’National Treasure’!

Actor Justin Bartha, most famous for portraying Riley Poole in the National Treasure film series, is returning to play the character in the new series being developed by Disney+. The new series is based on and is a continuation of the film series of the same name. Justin Bartha has seen a return to the spotlight recently, starring in ”Sweet Girl” on Netflix alongside Jason Momoa, ”Holy Rollers'' with Jesse Eisenberg, and ”Driven” opposite Jason Sudeikis, to name a few.

Aside from Justin Bartha returning however, the series seems to be headed in its own direction, with an all-new cast and a new story that continues the previous one from the National Treasurefilms. In the main role we find Lisette Alexis as Jess, a young heroine who embarks on an adventure to find out the truth about her family’s mysterious past and save a lost Pan-American treasure. Multiple-award winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as billie, a free-spirited billionaire antiques expert and treasure hunter. Zuri Reed stars as Tasha, Jess’ close friend. Jess sets out with her friends to uncover the truth about her family, and their connection with the lost treasure. It is still unclear how Riley Poole is going to fit into the story, but considering his previous experience treasure hunting alongside Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage), it is safe to assume he would make a valuable addition to the team.

National Treasure is executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Cormac & Marianne Wibberley, Jonathan Littman, KristieAnne Reed and Jon Turtletaub. Rick Muirragui and Mira Nair also serve as executive producers, as well as writer and director, respectively. The series began production in the United States earlier this year, and the release date is yet to be revealed.


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