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‘Morbius’: Jared Leto announces new trailer released on 02/11

The Academy winner actor will be the protagonist of this new Marvel film, which apparently could have more links with ‘Venom’ and ‘Spider-Man’ than expected. The trailer has been released on the 2nd of November, so we may have a chance to see for ourselves what these links may be.

As for the plot, Michael Morbius is one of the most tormented and enigmatic characters of Marvel’s world. This peculiar antihero is affected by a dangerous and rare blood disease and he is very determined to save anyone who may share his same fate. At this point, Dr Morbius tries a desperate move that soon backfires with the risk of making things way worse than he could ever imagine.

‘Morbius’ will hit worldwide theatres next year and we are daring to know what this will be about!


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