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Must watch mini-series to stream on Netflix this week!

In the last few weeks, some Netflix TV series have been all the rage. Here are four miniseries currently in the top 10 most-watched:

First up is "Baby Reindeer" leading the list and Netflix rankings due to its suspense and tension, keeping millions glued to the screen. Released two weeks ago, it tells the story of a comedian who, after showing kindness to a vulnerable woman, finds himself confronting a traumatic experience due to the obsessed stalker she becomes. The true story of this man, stalked by a deranged fan for some time, is both shocking and captivating. Many viewers have wondered about the real-life identity of the stalker, referred to as Martha in the series.

In second place is the Spanish drama "The Asunta Case" also based on real events, although some characters may have been added or modified for dramatic effect. It revolves around the disappearance of a teenage girl and how the investigation quickly turns against her own mother. Was she truly responsible, or is it a police error?

Third on the list is "The Gentleman" ranking seventh and still holding strong despite its early March release. Created by Guy Ritchie as a spin-off of his film of the same name, the crime genre series features eight episodes. Theo James plays Eddie Horniman, who inherits a fortune from his deceased father but finds himself entangled in a risky situation dealing with criminals intent on seizing his wealth.

Lastly, at ninth place in the top 10, is "The Three-Body Problem," a sci-fi, dystopian, dramatic, and mystery series released at the end of March. With eight approximately 50-minute episodes, it narrates how a fateful decision made in 1960s China reverberates through space and time to the present, forcing a group of scientists to confront an impending threat to humanity.

Have you watched any of these yet, or are you still planning to catch up? Let us know your favorite!

Written by Olga Raimondo


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