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‘Respect’ - Aretha Franklin's story hits the big screen

Thanks to the huge success of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in 2018, telling the extraordinary story of Freddie Mercury and the iconic band ‘Queen’; it looks like musical biopics came back to the light. In fact, after ‘Rocketman’ depicting the eclectic singer Elton John, it is now up to Tony Award nominee Liesl Tommy to show to the big audience the life, struggles and wonders behind the majestic Aretha Franklin.

Distributed by Eagles Pictures and produced by MGM, the film tells the story of the ‘Queen of Soul’ played by Jennifer Hudson (“Dreamgirls”). The film explores the life of the singer since when she was still a kid singing in her dad’s church queer, to the top of her career. ‘Respect’ also reflects how she managed through all the struggles of her outstanding career in the middle of the social and political scenery of the stormy 60s in the US.

All Aretha’s songs performed in the film are exclusively sang by Jennifer Hudson whom, throughout her all career, had the chance to develop incredible singing skills since her debut at ‘American Idol’ (2004), also leading her to become both judge and coach at ‘The Voice UK’, ‘The Voice US’ and the ‘X Factor US’.

To find out more about Aretha Franklin’s incredible life and career, check out ‘Respect’ out now in all cinemas around the world!


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