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“Shantaram'' - the series based on the best-selling novel has premiered on Apple TV+

New drama starring Charlie Hunnam, tells a compelling story of love, adventure, and redemption. Based on the 2003 novel by Gregory David Roberts, the series follows Lin Ford, a convicted bank robber who escapes an Australian prison to build a new life in 1980s Bombay. In India, Lin quickly falls for the mysterious Karla and befriends Prabhu, who encourageы him to work as a doctor for a community in need. But as Ford tries to make amends for his past, trouble lurks around every corner.

Critics of The Hollywood Reporter think “If you enjoy watching talented actors situated in foreign lands, drenched in cosmetically applied sweat, opening in borderline-comical accents about second chances, “Shantaram'' is likely to be your favorite new show of the fall”.

The first three episodes were published on Friday, October 14 on Apple TV+ with 9 more to follow weekly

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