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The actor lost 28 kilos in weight for his new role!

Ben Foster lost 28 kilos in weight for his new role in “The Survivor”. Foster is being paid tribute to for his very demanding role in this drama about the Holocaust. Now a trailer is also released for “The Survivor” that premieres this summer.

Ben Foster has starred in movies such as “X-Men: The Last Stand”, “3:10 to Yuma” and “Lone Survivor” among others. Now comes Foster’s probably most demanding role yet in this movie based on true events. Foster plays a jewish man called Harry Haft who survived the Holocaust and who became a boxer. The movie takes us to two parallel timelines, one that takes us to the concentration camps where Harry is fighting for survival but also after the war where Harry tries to create a new life in America but is being buried by guilt and brutal memories.

A link to the trailer will be down below:

“The Survivor” gets its Swedish premiere on the 15th of July.


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