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The official dates for the Academy Awards 2023 are now released!

The 95th edition of the Academy Awards will be held 12th of March 2023. This is both later than most years before but also earlier than the Awards from 2022 when it was held at the end of March.

The Academy has now released the official date for the 2023 years edition of the Academy Awards. It will be held on the 12th of March, the movies that are nominated should have premiered before 31st of December 2022. 24th of January the movies that will be presented at the Awards are the official ones. The Awards might need this break before 2023 for what happened this year at the Awards. First and foremost the incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock but also the critique that the producers got for cutting eight of the awards from live television. Maybe what happened this year will help next year’s viewer ratings.

These are the dates for next year’s Academy Awards:

15th of november: Deadline for entering movies 12-15th of december: First voting period

21st of december: Shortlists are presented

12-17th of january 2023: voting is ongoing

24st of january 2023: These year’s nominations are being presented

2-7th of march 2023: Last voting

12th of march 2023: The Academy Awards


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