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The Walking Dead Season 11: here is the teaser trailer for new season in February

The time to say goodbye to this iconic series is almost here. After the first 8 episodes released last fall, that is the second part of the three parts making the 11th season, the third and last part of The Walking Dead will hit TV and streaming platforms of the world from the 21st of February.

On the clip announcing the release date, Commonwealth Governor Pamela Milton (played by Laila Robins) talks about how they are turning the world back to the way it was before, brick by brick. On another side of the planet, Negan (played by Jefrey Dean Morgan) seems to suggest that the day will come when her choices won’t be so different from the ones made by the leader of the Saviors.

We may never be ready to watch the series finale of such a great show, but we are definitely ready to welcome it back on the screen!


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