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The year of Lady D!

After the scandalous separation from the Royal Family of Prince Harry and Megan and the unavoidable comparison with his mother, the late Lady D has been on everyone’s lips. The Queen of People’s Hearts has been the centre of attention and affection of the entertainment industry in the last year, and fans are here for that.

Firstly, through the success of the last season of The Crown, where Emma Corrin has shocked the viewers with her meticulous portrait of the Princess, as well as the growing curiosity for the leaked pictures of the new actress Elizabeth Debicki on set.

The impactful portrait of Diana by the reborn Kristen Stewart in Spencer also contributed to the re-flowering of the royal icon: the actress, in search of a serious and challenging role, surprised the audience with her extraordinary talent. The movie received many award nominations, including the Oscar nomination for Best Leading Actress for Kristen Stewart.

Now the Kensington Palace, in their new exhibition Life Through a Royal Lens, has just displayed an unseen picture of the Princess where her beauty and elegance have, once again, charmed people from all over the world.


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