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Upcoming FOX comedy: “Pivoting”!

FOX is giving us, this January, its next comedy series, titled “Pivoting”. Three friends, Amy, Sarah, and Jodie, realize how life is short after the sudden death of their childhood best friend. With this new realization the three women began to make impulsive decisions to shake their lives up, while strengthening their bond along the way.

The TV series is co-produced by Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor, and Liz Astrof, who has also written the script. FOX is bringing back on the screen three great actresses for this comedy: Eliza Coupe (“Future Man”, “Happy Ending”) to play Amy, Maggie Q (“Nikita”, “Designated Survivor”) to play Sarah, and Ginnifer Goodwin (“Once Upon a Time”) to play Jodie.

Pivoting” will premiere on FOX on Sunday, January 9.

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