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What to Expect From Season 4 of Emily in Paris

The Netflix series Emily in Paris was a hit for the streaming company. The first season premiered on October 2, 2020, the second on December 22, 2021, and season three on December 21, 2022. Because of the significant cliffhanger that ended season 3, fans are eager for the release of season 4.

Lily Collins, who plays the main character Emily, announced through an Instagram post that there would be a season 4. The exact release date is not set. However, given that the latest season premiered in December 2022, we can expect that season 4 will be streaming on Netflix in the fall or winter of 2023. Since seasons 3 and 4 were filmed simultaneously, the release should not be delayed, so it’s up to when Netflix decides to drop it.

What can we expect from Emily in Paris season 4? Fortunately, we will see plenty of beloved characters from previous seasons. Exact plot details have not yet been revealed. Nonetheless, the Emily in Paris creator, Darren Star, has let out some hints in recent interviews.

Based on the plot in season 3, we can expect that season 4 will follow the different relationships and their problems. Darren Star explained in an interview with TV Guide that: “Season 4 is going to be more about navigating complicated relationships, personal relationships and work relationships, and how they come into conflict with each other,”. Thus, fans that love this drama series will not be disappointed with season 4.

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