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Will Smith was asked to leave the Oscars, refused and then accepted an Academy Award!

After the incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Academy Awards where Smith punched Rock in the face he was asked to leave the Awards. He then refused and shortly after he accepted an Academy Award for Best Actor for the movie King Richard.

It is now being reported that Will Smith might be excluded from the Academy after what he did against Chris Rock at The Academy Awards. An official decision will be made in April. At the same time it is also being reported that Smith was asked to leave shortly after the incident. A discreet inquiry was made to his agent by the producers of the Academy Awards, Will refused and just a few moments later picked up the Award crying. In an announcement The Academy says they could have handled things differently while Chris Rock performed stand-up a few days after the event. He says he will digest this while also saying he will talk about this later, it will be serious but also very funny.


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