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`You`- renewed for fifth season and final one

The awaited fourth season of You arrived recently on Netflix, split into two parts, the first part being broadcasted 9th of February and the second part on 9th of March. It has now been confirmed Joe’s journey will be ending with a fifth and final season.

The series is based on books written by Caroline Kepner. You follows booklover Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley)- an intense and charming serial killer who becomes obsessed with those he falls in love with. It was first aired on Lifetime in 2018 but was canceled. After Netflix took over it became a huge hit, gaining a hungry audience. Joe’s search for “the one” began in New York and continued in Los Angeles where he fell in love with Love (Victoria Pedretti) in season 2. Joe moved later on to San Francisco in season 3, embracing the typical suburban life with Love and their child. In season 4 he moved to London by himself for a fresh start and met his wealthy partner Kate (Charlotte Ritchie), consenting to his immoral lifestyle, and moved back to New York alongside Kate.

It is decided that executive producer Sara Gamble who created You with Greg Berlanti will be stepping down to focus on other projects. Instead, writers Michael Foley and Justin W. Lo will be taking over as showrunners.

Details about the production of season 5 are yet to be announced according to Netflix, but will most likely air in 2024.

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