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Game adaptation and cinema: Borderlands

The journey of bringing "Borderlands" to the cinema has been lengthy, starting with its initial announcement in 2015. Seven screenwriters are acknowledged for contributing to the development of the screenplay, with the final version being attributed to Roth and a co-writer known as Joe Crombie, whose background remains a mystery as he has no other known credits. There were rumors suggesting that Joe Crombie might be a pseudonym for Craig Mazin, the creator of "Chernobyl," who was previously linked to the project. However, Mazin has refuted these speculations.

Check out the trailer:

A-list cast for "Borderlands" game adaptation

For the past few years, there has been a Hollywood mystery surrounding how the video game adaptation Borderlands managed to assemble a star-studded A-list cast for Borderlands, led by Cate Blanchett, despite its provocative and violent content. During CinemaCon, director Eli Roth revealed that the key to securing Blanchett, whom he reached out to on a whim, was not assuming she would accept the role.Roth remembered telling Blanchett, “People enjoy seeing you in a leadership role, and I plan to put a flamethrower in your hands,” referring to her acclaimed performance in Tár. To his surprise, Blanchett revealed that the post-apocalyptic film Escape From New York was one of her favorites, and she was excited to be part of the project. After that, everything else fell into place.

Cate Blanchett and her game character compared
Cate Blanchett and her game character compared

What is this game about?

Lilith, portrayed by Blanchett, leads a group of outlaws on a mission to recover treasure from a hidden vault on the planet. Roland is played by Kevin Hart, Tannis by Jamie Lee Curtis, and the robot Claptrap is voiced by Jack Black. Florian Munteanu, Haley Bennett, and Édgar Ramírez also have roles. The initial Borderlands trailer, released in February, hinted at a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe for the film.

The cast assembled

At CinemaCon, Lionsgate presented new footage from the movie, where Las Vegas meets Pandora. Director Roth and actress Ariana Greenblatt showcased the project set on Pandora, known as the most perilous planet in the universe.The development of Borderlands has been closely monitored, not only because it is based on a popular video game with its own fan base but also due to reshoots overseen by Deadpool director Tim Miller, as Roth was occupied filming his horror movie Thanksgiving. The film is set to premiere on August 9, exactly nine years after it was initially announced to be in development.


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