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Konstantin Bojanovs ”Shameless” to premiere at Cannes!

(Source: Imdb)

Bulgarian-American filmmaker Konstantin Bojanov's highly anticipated new work, “Shameless” is poised to make its debut at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in May 2024. Seamlessly blending elements of crime, thriller, and drama, unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Delhi, India's bustling megacity.

At its core, 'Shameless' follows the gripping journey of Nadira, a courageous young woman who escapes from a nefarious brothel in the slums of Delhi, an act that inadvertently leads to a fatal encounter with a police officer. Fleeing the relentless pursuit of the law, Nadira seeks sanctuary in a tranquil village in northern India, assuming a new identity to evade detection. There, she crosses paths with Devika, a figure whose presence alters the course of her destiny, propelling them both into a perilous struggle of survival and redemption.

The film boasts an ensemble cast featuring the talents of Tanmay Dhanania, celebrated for his roles in “Brahman Naman” and “Garbage”, alongside Auroshikha Dey, known for her standout performance in the critically acclaimed “Lomad”.

A collaborative effort between French, Swiss, and Bulgarian production teams, “Shameless” is set to hit the screens at the Cannes Film Festival.

Written by D. Bjork


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