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Zendaya: curiosities, upcoming projects and a lot more about the star

1. Who would have ever thought that the beloved, charismatic movie star, as well as one of the greatest style icons of today, born to walk the red carpets, was so shy and introverted that she was "failed" in kindergarten?

That's right, the actress has indeed confessed to having to repeat a year of kindergarten because she was too quiet and spent the whole day alone, never talking to the other children. Ironically, if she hadn't pursued this career in the entertainment world, she dreamed of becoming a teacher, following in the footsteps of her mother, who was also a teacher.

2. Her beautiful name has African origins and means "to thank," "to give thanks" in Shona, a Bantu language of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

3. Zendaya: eclectic artist and engaged citizen.

Not many know that she began her career as a writer in 2013 when she wrote the book "Between u and me," where she becomes a life coach for the reader and gives motivational advice.

She can draw, sing, and dance (before Tom Holland, in fact, she had a big crush on another super dancer, Channing Tatum), and she loves the world of makeup; in fact, she confirmed that she often does her own makeup for events.

She is a feminist and activist that has marched in the streets for women, fights for equality, defends animal rights, and tries to protect the planet; in fact, for this reason, she has been following a vegetarian diet for at least a decade now.

4. Our fashion icon received a Barbie themed after her, specifically after her appearance at the Oscars in 2015.

The limited edition Mattel doll dedicated to her recreates the look with dreadlocks and the white mermaid dress by Vivienne Westwood.

5. Here you are some of the upcoming projects

After the highly anticipated "Challengers," which will be released this week, fans can't wait for the third season of "Euphoria."

Moreover, Zendaya has been cast to play Ronnie Spector in her biopic "Be My Baby" a film that will be produced by A24, and she was Spector's first choice for her role. The famous singer, often called the "bad girl of rock and roll," who died at the age of 78 in 2022, was the leader of the group named the Ronettes.

What is your most anticipated project with Zendaya? 

Don't forget to reserve your tickets!

Written by Olga Raimondo


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