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New transformers film hitting cinemas in September

Credits: Paramount pictures

Exciting news for Transformers enthusiasts! Get ready for a thrilling experience as a brand-new animated film, “Transformers: One”, is set to debut in September 2024.

This latest addition to the Transformers franchise delves into the origin stories of our beloved characters. Prepare to uncover the intriguing journey of how the iconic supervillain Megatron came to be.

Unlike the previous Michael Bay films, 'Transformers: One' promises a fresh approach, drawing inspiration from the rich lore of Hasbro toys and the franchise's origins.

Adding to the anticipation, the film boasts a stellar cast, including Chris Hemsworth lending his voice to the heroic Optimus Prime, Scarlett Johansson portraying Elita, and Laurence Fishburne embodying the wise Alpha Trion, among other talented actors


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